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Song lyrics by Bangs. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Bangs. Get one of the 33 lyrics and watch the video by artist Bangs.

Bangs lyrics Video Album
Baby's Day Out LyricsTiger Beat
Burnout LyricsWild Life E.P.
Call And Response LyricsCall and Response
Chocolate Cobwebs LyricsWild Life E.P.
Death By Guitar LyricsTiger Beat
Dirty Knives LyricsCall and Response
Docudrama LyricsSweet Revenge
Fast Easy Love LyricsSweet Revenge
Ferocious Pocket LyricsTiger Beat
Get Electric LyricsMaggie the Cat
He's A Groupie LyricsTiger Beat
I Want More LyricsCall and Response
Into You LyricsSweet Revenge
Kinda Good LyricsCall and Response
Leave It Behind LyricsCall and Response
Lend Me Crumpets LyricsTiger Beat
Licorice Whip LyricsSweet Revenge
Lights Out LyricsMaggie the Cat
Maggie The Cat LyricsMaggie the Cat
New Scars LyricsCall and Response
Ready To Go LyricsWild Life E.P.
S.O.S. LyricsTiger Beat
Schick Shadel LyricsSweet Revenge
Scorpi-oh LyricsSweet Revenge
Southern Girls LyricsSweet Revenge
Sweet Revenge LyricsWild Life E.P.
Telephone Game LyricsWild Life E.P.
Tender Thunderbolt LyricsMaliorder Freak
The Magician's Assistant LyricsMaliorder Freak
Tiger Beat LyricsTiger Beat
Train Wreck LyricsSweet Revenge
Undo Everything LyricsSweet Revenge
Vintage Piranha LyricsTiger Beat
Bangs lyrics Video Album

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