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Song lyrics by BAND-MAID. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like BAND-MAID. Get one of the 24 lyrics and watch the video by artist BAND-MAID.

BAND-MAID lyrics Video Album
Alone LyricsBrand New MAID
Arcadia Girl LyricsNew Beginning
Beauty And The Beast LyricsNew Beginning
Before Yesterday LyricsBrand New MAID
Brand-New Road LyricsBrand New MAID
Don't Apply The Brake LyricsNew Beginning
Don't Let Me Down LyricsNew Beginning
Don't You Tell ME LyricsJust Bring It
Freedom LyricsBrand New MAID
Freezer LyricsNew Beginning
Look At Me LyricsBrand New MAID
Matchless Gum LyricsYOLO
Moratorium LyricsJust Bring It
Order LyricsBrand New MAID
Price Of Pride LyricsNew Beginning
Puzzle LyricsJust Bring It
REAL EXISTENCE LyricsNew Beginning
REAL EXISTENCE (Live Ver.) LyricsBrand New MAID
Shake That!! LyricsNew Beginning
The Non-fiction Days LyricsBrand New MAID
Thrill LyricsNew Beginning
Unfair Game LyricsYOLO
Yuragu LyricsBrand New MAID
BAND-MAID lyrics Video Album

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