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Song lyrics by Attomica. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Attomica. Get one of the 39 lyrics and watch the video by artist Attomica.

Attomica lyrics Video Album
Amen Lyrics4
Atomic Death LyricsLimits of Insanity
Black Death Lyrics4
Blood LyricsBack and Alive
Blood Bath Lyrics4
Children Assassins LyricsBack and Alive
Death Raiser LyricsBack and Alive
Deathraiser LyricsThe Blast of Video
Down The Drain Lyrics4
Dying Mission LyricsAtomica 2005
Dying Smashed LyricsBack and Alive
Evil Scars LyricsLimits of Insanity
Flesh Maniac LyricsBack and Alive
Forbidden Hate LyricsBack and Alive
From Beyond LyricsBack and Alive
Highway 401 LyricsLimits of Insanity
Hurt 'n' Scared Lyrics4
In Hell We Live LyricsAtomica 2005
Knight Riders LyricsLimits of Insanity
Limits Of Insanity LyricsLimits of Insanity
Lost Time LyricsAttomica
Marchando Sobre Sangue LyricsChildren's Assassin (demo)
Marching Over Blood LyricsBack and Alive
Mysterious Lady Lyrics4
Night Killer Lyrics4
No Life Till Madness LyricsAttomica
Rabies LyricsLimits of Insanity
Samurai LyricsBack and Alive
Short Dreams LyricsLimits of Insanity
Step Mother Nature LyricsAtomica 2005
The Chainsaw LyricsBack and Alive
Under Control LyricsAttomica (demo)
Under Pressure LyricsAtomica 2005
Union Carbide LyricsChildren's Assassin (demo)
Violence And Terror LyricsDisturbing the Noise
Wanted Lyrics4
Ways Of Death LyricsBack and Alive
WxDx LyricsLimits of Insanity
Yakuza Lyrics4
Attomica lyrics Video Album

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