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9 PM (Till I Come) Lyrics
A Dream About You Lyrics
A New Day LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
After The Flame LyricsNo Silence
All I Need Is You LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
All You Took Lyrics
Apollo Road Lyrics
Arms Wide Open LyricsContact Disc 1
Be Like You LyricsDistant Earth Disc 2
Beam Me Up LyricsContact Disc 1
Behind LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
Behind [ATB's Ambient Version] LyricsFuture Memories Disc 2
Believe In Me LyricsSeven Years: 1998-2005
Better Give Up LyricsTrilogy
Black Nights LyricsNo Silence
Break My Heart LyricsAddicted To Music
Collides With Beauty LyricsNo Silence
Communicate LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
Could You Believe Lyrics
Desperate Religion LyricsTrilogy
Do You Love Me LyricsAddicted To Music
Don't Stop Lyrics
Ecstasy LyricsNo Silence
Everything Is Beautiful LyricsContact Disc 1
Everything Is Wrong LyricsAddicted To Music
Face To Face LyricsContact Disc 1
Face To Face (Rudee Remix) LyricsContact Disc 3
Feel Alive LyricsTrilogy
Feel You Like A River LyricsTwo Worlds
Flash X Lyrics
Gold LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Gravity LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
Hard To Cure LyricsContact Disc 1
Hard To Cure (ATB In Concert Live In New York.. LyricsContact Disc 3
Heartbeat LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Here With Me LyricsNo Silence
Hero LyricsDedicated
Hold You LyricsDedicated
Humanity LyricsSeven Years: 1998-2005
I Don't Wanna Stop LyricsAddicted To Music
I See It LyricsDedicated
If It’s Love LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
In And Out Of Love Lyrics
In Love With The DJ LyricsAddicted To Music
Justify LyricsTrilogy
Killer 2000 LyricsMovin' Melodies
Killing Me Inside LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Let U Go LyricsTwo Worlds
Let You Go LyricsDedicated
Let You Go (reworked) LyricsSeven Years: 1998-2005
Long Way Home LyricsAddicted To Music
Love Will Find You LyricsTwo Worlds
Made Of Glass LyricsTrilogy
Marrakech LyricsNo Silence
Missing LyricsFuture Memories Disc 2
Move On LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Moving Backwards LyricsDistant Earth Disc 2
My Everything LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
My Saving Grace LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
Never Give Up Lyrics
Now Or Never LyricsContact Disc 1
Now Or Never (Junkx Remix) LyricsContact Disc 3
One More LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Raging Bull LyricsContact Disc 1
Raging Bull (Junkx Remix) LyricsContact Disc 3
Renegade LyricsTrilogy
Right Back To You LyricsContact Disc 1
Running A Wrong Way LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Some Things Just Are The Way They Are LyricsTrilogy
Stars Come Out LyricsTrilogy
Still Here LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
Still Here (ATB's Anthem 2014 Version) LyricsContact Disc 1
Straight To The Stars LyricsContact Disc 1
Sun Goes Down LyricsNo Silence
Swept Away LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
Take Me Over LyricsSeven Years: 1998-2005
The Autumn Leaves LyricsNo Silence
The Chosen Ones LyricsTrilogy
The Fields Of Love Lyrics
The Summer LyricsTwo Worlds
These Days LyricsTrilogy
This Is Your Life LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Together LyricsContact Disc 1
Twisted Love LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Wait For Your Heart LyricsNo Silence
Walking Awake LyricsContact Disc 1
We Belong LyricsAddicted To Music
What About Us LyricsFuture Memories Disc 1
What Are You Waiting For LyricsContact Disc 1
When It Ends It Starts Again LyricsContact Disc 1
Where You Are LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
White Letters LyricsDistant Earth Disc 1
Wrong Medication Lyrics
You're Not Alone LyricsDedicated
ATB lyrics Video Album

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