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Song lyrics by Asian Dub Foundation. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Asian Dub Foundation. Get one of the 43 lyrics and watch the video by artist Asian Dub Foundation.

Asian Dub Foundation lyrics Video Album
1000 Mirrors LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
2FACE LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Asian Dub Foundation - Burning Fence LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Assassin LyricsRafi's Revenge
Basta LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Black White LyricsRafi's Revenge
Blowback LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Buzzin LyricsRafi's Revenge
Change LyricsRafi's Revenge
Charge LyricsRafi's Revenge
Collective Mode LyricsCommunity Music
Colour Line LyricsCommunity Music
Commited To Life LyricsCommunity Music
Crash LyricsCommunity Music
Culture Move LyricsRafi's Revenge
Dub Mentality LyricsRafi's Revenge
Enemy Of The Enemy LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Flyover LyricsTank
Fortress Europe LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Free Satpal Ram LyricsRafi's Revenge
Hypocrite LyricsRafi's Revenge
La Haine LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Melody 7 LyricsTank
Memory War LyricsCommunity Music
Naxalite LyricsRafi's Revenge
New Way New Life LyricsCommunity Music
Officer XX LyricsCommunity Music
Oil LyricsTank
Power To The Small Massive LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Powerlines LyricsTank
Real Great Britain LyricsCommunity Music
Rebel Warrior LyricsCommunity Music
Riddim I Like LyricsCommunity Music
Rise To The Challenge LyricsEnemy Of The Enemy
Round Up LyricsTank
Scaling New Heights LyricsCommunity Music
Taa Deem LyricsCommunity Music
Tank LyricsTank
The Judgement LyricsCommunity Music
Tomorrow Begins Today LyricsTank
Truth Hides LyricsCommunity Music
Warring Dhol LyricsTank
Who Runs The Place LyricsTank
Asian Dub Foundation lyrics Video Album

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