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Song lyrics by Asaf Avidan. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Asaf Avidan. Get one of the 62 lyrics and watch the video by artist Asaf Avidan.

Asaf Avidan lyrics Video Album
613 LyricsDifferent Pulses
A Choice & A Gun LyricsDifferent Pulses
A Ghost Before The Wall LyricsThe Reckoning
A Part Of This LyricsGold Shadow
At The Edge Of The Map LyricsThrough The Gale
Bang Bang LyricsGold Shadow
Brickman LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Conspiratory Visions Of Gomorrah LyricsDifferent Pulses
Cyclamen LyricsDifferent Pulses
Devil's Dance LyricsThe Reckoning
Different Pulses LyricsDifferent Pulses
Empty Handed Saturday Blues LyricsThe Reckoning
Everything Must Turn To Nothing LyricsDifferent Pulses
Fair Haired Traveller LyricsGold Shadow
Gold Shadow LyricsGold Shadow
Got It Right LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Growing Tall LyricsThe Reckoning
Hangwoman LyricsThe Reckoning
Her Lies LyricsThe Reckoning
Hoist Up The Colors! LyricsThrough The Gale
Is This It? LyricsDifferent Pulses
Jet Plane LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Let's Just Call It Fate LyricsGold Shadow
Little More Time LyricsThe Reckoning
Little Parcels Of An Endless Time LyricsGold Shadow
Little Stallion LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Losing Hand LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Love It Or Leave It LyricsDifferent Pulses
Maybe You Are LyricsThe Reckoning
My Favorite Clown LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
My Latest Sin LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
My Tunnels Are Long And Dark These Days LyricsGold Shadow
Ode To My Thalamus LyricsGold Shadow
Of Scorpions & Bells LyricsThe Reckoning
Oh Western Wind LyricsThrough The Gale
One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) LyricsThe Reckoning
Out In The Cold LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Over You Blues LyricsThe Reckoning
Over My Head LyricsGold Shadow
Painting On The Past LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Poor Boy / Lucky Man LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Poseidon's Fury Unleashed LyricsThrough The Gale
Reckoning Song LyricsThe Reckoning
Rubberband Girl LyricsThe Reckoning
Sailors Are We LyricsThrough The Gale
Setting Scalpels Free LyricsDifferent Pulses
Small Change Girl LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Sweat & Tears LyricsThe Reckoning
The Devil And Me LyricsThe Reckoning
The Disciple LyricsDifferent Pulses
The Ghost Of A Thousand Little Lies LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
The Jail That Sets You Free LyricsGold Shadow
The Labyrinth Song LyricsGold Shadow
The Sirens & The Sea LyricsThrough The Gale
These Words You Want To Hear LyricsGold Shadow
Through The Gale LyricsThrough The Gale
Thumbtacks In My Marrow LyricsDifferent Pulses
Turn LyricsDifferent Pulses
Turn Of The Tides Under The Northern Lights LyricsThrough The Gale
Wasting My Time LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Weak LyricsThe Reckoning
Your Anchor LyricsPoor Boy / Lucky Man
Asaf Avidan lyrics Video Album

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