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Song lyrics by Artension. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Artension. Get one of the 70 lyrics and watch the video by artist Artension.

Artension lyrics Video Album
"Prelude" (Theme By J.S. Bach) LyricsFuture World
Area 51 LyricsPhoenix Rising
Behind Your Eyes LyricsForces of Nature
Blood Brother LyricsPhoenix Rising
Call Of The Wild LyricsNew Discovery
Close To The Sun LyricsFuture World
Dark Before The Dawn LyricsFuture World
Endless Days (radio Edit) LyricsNew Discovery
Endless Days LyricsNew Discovery
Evolution In Reverse LyricsMachine
Federation LyricsFuture World
Flower Of The Orient LyricsSacred Pathways
Forbidden Love LyricsPhoenix Rising
Future World LyricsFuture World
Goin' Home LyricsPhoenix Rising
Guardian Of The Hunt LyricsForces of Nature
Hearts Are Broken LyricsNew Discovery
I Don't Care LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
I Really Don't Care LyricsPhoenix Rising
I Really, Really Don't Care LyricsFuture World
I See Through Your Disguise LyricsMachine
Innocence Lost LyricsNew Discovery
Into The Eye Of The Storm LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
Into The Blue LyricsPhoenix Rising
Let It Ride LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
Lost Horizon LyricsForces of Nature
Lost Memory LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
Machine LyricsMachine
Madness Calling LyricsMachine
March To Ruin LyricsSacred Pathways
Mother Earth LyricsMachine
New Discovery LyricsNew Discovery
Nightmare LyricsSacred Pathways
Phoenix Rising LyricsPhoenix Rising
Red's Recovery LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
Remember My Name LyricsNew Discovery
Ride Like The Wind LyricsForces of Nature
Running Out Of Time LyricsSacred Pathways
Sacred Pathways LyricsSacred Pathways
Shape Shifter LyricsForces of Nature
Silent Temple LyricsSacred Pathways
Smoke And Fire LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
Song Of The Desert LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
Stand & Fight LyricsFuture World
Story Teller LyricsNew Discovery
Symphonic Expedition LyricsNew Discovery
Take Me In Your Arms LyricsFuture World
Tall Ships LyricsForces of Nature
The City Is Lost LyricsPhoenix Rising
The Day Of Judgement LyricsFuture World
The Emperor LyricsSacred Pathways
The Forces Of Nature LyricsForces of Nature
The Key LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
The Loser Never Wins LyricsMachine
The Truth LyricsForces of Nature
The Way LyricsMachine
The Wind And The Rain LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
The Calm Before The Storm LyricsSacred Pathways
The Killing LyricsSacred Pathways
The Lost Survivor LyricsNew Discovery
Through The Gate LyricsPhoenix Rising
Time Goes Slowly By LyricsMachine
Tree Of Knowledge LyricsFuture World
Valley Of The Kings LyricsPhoenix Rising
Voyage To Nasca LyricsSacred Pathways
Wild Trip LyricsForces of Nature
Wings Of War LyricsMachine
World Of Illusion LyricsInto the Eye of the Storm
You Are My Heart LyricsForces of Nature
Your Victory LyricsSacred Pathways
Artension lyrics Video Album

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