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Song lyrics by Antidote. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Antidote. Get one of the 72 lyrics and watch the video by artist Antidote.

Antidote lyrics Video Album
15 In '77 LyricsMy Life
All Alone LyricsNo Communication
All Wrong LyricsMy Life
Automatically LyricsMy Life
Back In Year Zero LyricsBack In Year Zero
Camera LyricsAnother Dose
Come Along LyricsGo Pogo
Dancing On A Bomb LyricsNo Communication
Dat Maak Ik Zelf Wel Uit LyricsNo Communication
De Blauwe LyricsGo Pogo
Different Worlds LyricsBack In Year Zero
Disposable Generation LyricsAnother Dose
Do You Remember LyricsMy Life
Don't Let Them Get Away LyricsBack In Year Zero
Dope LyricsAnother Dose
Dropout LyricsBack In Year Zero
Europe's Downfall LyricsNo Communication
Fed Up LyricsAnother Dose
F*** Homophobia LyricsAnother Dose
F*** Politics LyricsMy Life
F*** You LyricsMy Life
F*** The Media LyricsBack In Year Zero
Geen Beweging LyricsBack In Year Zero
Get Up When You Fall LyricsNo Communication
Go Pogo LyricsGo Pogo
How Can We Live Tomorrow LyricsGo Pogo
Hunted Down LyricsNo Communication
I Don't Care LyricsMy Life
I Don't Like You LyricsGo Pogo
I Like You LyricsMy Life
I'm Sick Of Holland LyricsAnother Dose
Identity LyricsBack In Year Zero
Leave Me Alone LyricsAnother Dose
Let's Get Back To Punk LyricsMy Life
Let's Get Drunk LyricsMy Life
Live By The Rules LyricsBack In Year Zero
Live Fast, Die Old LyricsMy Life
Money LyricsMy Life
My Government Is A Farce LyricsBack In Year Zero
My Life LyricsMy Life
Negatief Agressief LyricsBack In Year Zero
Negativity LyricsAnother Dose
New Enemy LyricsBack In Year Zero
Nietsnut LyricsGo Pogo
No Communiction LyricsNo Communication
No Nazis In Punk LyricsGo Pogo
No! LyricsAnother Dose
Nothing Has Changed LyricsNo Communication
Nu Even Niet LyricsNo Communication
One Step Forward LyricsAnother Dose
Out Of Control LyricsGo Pogo
Pride LyricsBack In Year Zero
Punkrock For Sale LyricsMy Life
Punkrocker LyricsGo Pogo
Rat Race LyricsMy Life
Rebellion Of Apathy LyricsAnother Dose
Riot In The City LyricsBack In Year Zero
Rood Wit Blauw Met Een Bruine Rand LyricsBack In Year Zero
Senseless Violence LyricsMy Life
Slaaptekort LyricsNo Communication
Song For The Dead LyricsAnother Dose
State Money LyricsGo Pogo
Stuck In A Rut LyricsNo Communication
Stuck In Your Views LyricsMy Life
Stuck To Your Guns LyricsBack In Year Zero
This Is Me LyricsMy Life
Too Late LyricsMy Life
Trashcan LyricsNo Communication
Unite Not Fight LyricsGo Pogo
Victim LyricsBack In Year Zero
Waste Of Time LyricsMy Life
What You Want Me To Do LyricsGo Pogo
Antidote lyrics Video Album

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