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Song lyrics by Aglarond. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Aglarond. Get one of the 24 lyrics and watch the video by artist Aglarond.

Aglarond lyrics Video Album
A Bleak Garden LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Across The Dark Night LyricsAcross the Dark Night
Alone LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Beyond Sunset LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Blackened Rain LyricsThe Journey's End
Dark Stream LyricsThe Journey's End
Desperate Cries LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Drowning In Tears LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Ease My Pain LyricsThe Journey's End
Embraced By Darkness LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Gods Stone LyricsThe Journey's End
In Your Room LyricsAcross the Dark Night
In The Dead Of Night LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Lady Of The Valley LyricsThe Journey's End
Like A Never Ending Stream Of Sadness LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Preludium LyricsThe Journey's End
Rain Falls LyricsEmbraced by Darkness
Screams Of Agony LyricsAcross the Dark Night
The Gift Of Darkness LyricsThe Journey's End
The Journey's End (Promised Land Pt. II) LyricsThe Journey's End
The Lonely Mountain LyricsThe Journey's End
The Portal LyricsThe Journey's End
The Return Of The King (The Lonely Mountain P.. LyricsAcross the Dark Night
Under Saouroms Spell LyricsAcross the Dark Night
Aglarond lyrics Video Album

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