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Song lyrics by After Forever. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like After Forever. Get one of the 67 lyrics and watch the video by artist After Forever.

After Forever lyrics Video Album
Alone (Heart's Cover) Lyrics
Attendance LyricsRemagine
Beautiful Emptiness LyricsInvisible Circles
Being Everyone LyricsRemagine
Beneath LyricsExordium (EP)
Between Love And Fire LyricsInvisible Circles
Beyond Me LyricsPrison Of Desire
Black Tomb LyricsPrison Of Desire
Blind Pain LyricsInvisible Circles
Boundaries Are Open LyricsRemagine
Childhood In Minor LyricsInvisible Circles
Come LyricsRemagine
Cry With A Smile LyricsAfter Forever
De-Energized LyricsAfter Forever
Digital Deceit LyricsInvisible Circles
Discord LyricsAfter Forever
Dreamflight LyricsAfter Forever
Eccentric LyricsInvisible Circles
Emphasis LyricsDecipher
Empty Memories LyricsAfter Forever
Energize Me LyricsAfter Forever
Enter LyricsRemagine
Envision LyricsAfter Forever
Ephemeral LyricsPrison Of Desire
Equally Destructive LyricsAfter Forever
Estranged LyricsDecipher
Evoke LyricsAfter Forever
Ex Cathedra LyricsDecipher
Face Your Demons LyricsRemagine
Follow In The Cry LyricsPrison Of Desire
Forever LyricsRemagine
Forlorn Hope LyricsDecipher
Free Of Doubt LyricsRemagine
Glorifying Means LyricsExordium (EP)
Imperfect Tenses LyricsDecipher
Inimical Chimera LyricsPrison Of Desire
Intrinsic LyricsDecipher
Leaden Legacy LyricsPrison Of Desire
Life's Vortex LyricsInvisible Circles
Line Of Thoughts LyricsExordium (EP)
Living Shields LyricsRemagine
Lonely Lyrics
Mea Culpa LyricsPrison Of Desire
Monolith Of Doubt LyricsDecipher
My Choice LyricsExordium (EP)
My Pledge Of Allegiance #1 LyricsDecipher
My Pledge Of Allegiance #2 LyricsDecipher
No Control LyricsRemagine
One Day I'll Fly Away (Randy Crawford Cover) LyricsExordium (EP)
Only Everthing LyricsRemagine
Reflections LyricsInvisible Circles
Semblance Of Confusion LyricsPrison Of Desire
Silence From Afar LyricsPrison Of Desire
Sins Of Idealism LyricsInvisible Circles
Strong LyricsRemagine
Taste The Day Lyrics
The Evil That Men Do (Iron Maiden Cover) LyricsExordium (EP)
The Key LyricsDecipher
Through Square Eyes LyricsInvisible Circles
Tortuous Threnody LyricsPrison Of Desire
Transitory LyricsAfter Forever
Two Sides LyricsInvisible Circles
Victim Of Choices LyricsInvisible Circles
Who I Am LyricsAfter Forever
Withering Time LyricsAfter Forever
Yield To Temptation LyricsPrison Of Desire
Zenith LyricsDecipher
After Forever lyrics Video Album

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