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Song lyrics by Adema. Check-out these awesome song lyrics by the artist, learn every word of your favourite song and sing it like Adema. Get one of the 55 lyrics and watch the video by artist Adema.

Adema lyrics Video Album
All These Years LyricsKill The Headlights
Barricades In Time LyricsPlanets
Betrayed Me LyricsUnstable
Better Living Through Chemistry LyricsPlanets
Blame Me LyricsUnstable
Blow It Away LyricsAdema
Brand New Thing LyricsKill The Headlights
Chel LyricsPlanets
Close Friends LyricsAdema
Co-Dependent LyricsUnstable
Cold And Jaded LyricsKill The Headlights
Days Go By LyricsKill The Headlights
Do What You Want To Do LyricsAdema
Do You Hear Me LyricsUnstable
Drowning LyricsAdema
Enter The Cage LyricsPlanets
Estrellas LyricsPlanets
Everyone LyricsAdema
Freaking Out LyricsAdema
Giving In LyricsAdema
Immortal LyricsInsomniacs Dream (EP)
Invisible LyricsKill The Headlights
Let Go LyricsUnstable
Lift Us Up LyricsPlanets
Lions LyricsTopple the Giants
Los Angeles LyricsKill The Headlights
Needles LyricsUnstable
Nutshell (Alice In Chains Cover) LyricsInsomniacs Dream (EP)
Open Til Midnight LyricsKill The Headlights
Pain Inside LyricsAdema
Planets LyricsPlanets
Promises LyricsUnstable
Refusing Consciousness LyricsPlanets
Remember LyricsPlanets
Resolution LyricsTopple the Giants
Rip The Heart Out Of Me LyricsUnstable
Sevenfold LyricsPlanets
Shattered LyricsInsomniacs Dream (EP)
Shoot The Arrows LyricsPlanets
Skin LyricsAdema
So Fortunate LyricsUnstable
Someone Else's Lies LyricsUnstable
Speculum LyricsAdema
Stand Up LyricsUnstable
Stressin Out LyricsUnstable
The Losers LyricsKill The Headlights
The Way You Like It LyricsAdema
Topple The Giants LyricsTopple the Giants
Tornado LyricsPlanets
Trust LyricsAdema
Unstable LyricsUnstable
Until Now LyricsPlanets
Vikraphone LyricsPlanets
Waiting For Daylight LyricsKill The Headlights
What Doesn't Kill Us LyricsKill The Headlights
Adema lyrics Video Album

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