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A Peez Paradise lyrics

A Peez Paradise

"god bless every livin mac thats out there"
"a mouthpiece is way more powerful than a gun, know what im sayin?"
"i wus born this way thats why i perform this way"
"the rap game is 24hrs but you dont shut down like vegas and new york city"
"you never been to the filmore"
"my mouthpiece man and my brain man B and Shaw thats wut sets me and park"
"a pimp is really only lookin for hoes"
"i like wut pimpin and hoein is doing to these motherf***as today"
"a pimp is a predator"
"women are there toys"
"he has a gift to talk"
"i never met a pimp who said he wasnt numba 1"
"i dont like pimps"
"and i feel if you do holla a bitch like that or or wut is it
you feel me and that bitch respond cookies"
"'cause a pimp gon pimp period even wit his eyes closed and his mouth shut and his ears cut off"

ya man i see you laughin and everything
you better catch your breath or something
you know what im sayin or hold it
one or the other know wut i mean
im bout turning heads turnin tricks and turnin it in
know what im saying garantee know what i mean young tree with the big leagues
but do you beleive of something real
are you afraid of heights bitch 'cause im going to the top you know

-Andre Nickatina
but moma my broken dreams came from fabulous schemes
i get it poppin like a pistol girl to get you on the team
heres a telogram i like my boots to be the tims
and i can see you from behind through my rims
but sham wizard just take a look of what i done
i used to rap in your basement now they say im the one
i like to have a knock i handle business like its rocks
and let my blind blow when the drop check the hard top
its kill pretty through the city of the mo
man tho im a pisces its the tales of a scorpio
i wear Polo or maybe Isod
you pick the paradise its really by the bank wad

shit wit fifty toes upon the concrete
dont be ashame its pimp talk and pop don pete
roll our playas in the latas and draped in guchi
situation all my bras like a hoo team
hotel the condo limousine drop offs
who on da blade cash gates dodge cop cars
all damn day my mind stay awake
and western union from my game outa states
im keepin em happy
a peez paradise when they laughin
when everything done just for dady
we can live lavy
everything in time
so baby relize life just passed your bye (bye)

-Andre Nickatina
shit its paper mackin steel end up in a station waggon
if John Lennon was here he be like "girl imagine"
your so bad cats like wanna take your photo graph
and wanna brag and holla rap
and make you streak like a fofo mag
i got it going on with the visions of that butter toffee
mixed with that carmel coffee
sittin pretty lookin bossy
how we gon handle this and do it on a paper status
well best beleive on 20 g's girl your a paper magnet
and other players wanna knock you like a Nakamichi
their playin soccer kickin game hoe and trying to beat me
but thats unholy you need to be my goalie
and do it extra manage like your forty
its federal

i tell em its no limits see baby just roll wit it
knowin its so vivid it easily fold digits
today when you livin it way in to deep
you invision the game in your sleep

-Andre Nickatina
baby wake up
and give your all like rocky
your freinds trying to tell you no say bitch stop me
you start getting cocky just a lil stalky
never in the public eye baby looking sloppy

bitch talkin bout im throwin her off track or something man
im gonna put you on here if any thing
aint no 1 track my here i got multiple places to say
you know what i mean

-Andre Nickatina
alright a brand new bottle of that sweet amaretto
now pour a bottle of that sweet amaretto
man take a sip of that sweet amaretto
bikini fallin from the sky freak ima getcha
my gators is major they come in jelly bean flavors
the banana flavors i be mixing wit vanilla waffers
i like to go to boxing matches wit the baddest batches
the way i steal the chedder from them give me hot flashes
i like to take my brim and shine my rims like billy sims
i like to chop game wit rap cats and other pimps
its so explosive man them heffers be like holly moses
they were expensive clotheses
they smell like red roses
its how the gods chosen and everything i never broke it
i need your heels and dolla bills to be your main focus
and ima check up on you baby girl like sound scan
or lease like indo, digi, money, yo and dunaman
im not a stunna man mar driven or butter man
put it together super witch im a numbers man
the carmel with the cream the alamo supereme
grab your tickets 'cause your rolling wit a winning team

shuttin game on planes we catch flights
and land to get the business to crackin on that night
all my bitches in line like a ritual of mine
in her mind she gon find that miracle of mine
and she shine along wit me
C nose crispy
a trip 'cause it gets so risky
a pimp freind shifty
square be snitchin
whisperin hoes and thinkin the p aint listenin
chopin over topics
all up in the tropics
floss just wit it gotta watch who your talkin
often mislead and wanna live a life
and wont sacrifice for a peez paradise
3 minute hoes who wont come out right

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