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Litanies In Blood lyrics

Litanies in Blood I write
As Prayers of Supremacy
My Paper is the Skin of Mortals
Like the Cuts of hundred Needles in their Head
My Feather on it is burning

When Children are brought to the Altar
Grap their Hearts and offer them to me
Diabolical Donation
To get fed with Perpetuality

When Darkside is calling
Open the three Books
To read and learn
Now Flesh becomes My Word
And Word becomes My Flesh

Ego te baptiso in nomine Satanas!

Taste the Devil's Nectar
Drink the Serpent Blood
Wilt is the dark Flame of the Universe
As we pass the fiery Gates
Hand in Hand with fallen sixwinged Seraphim
In this sinistruous Night
Where an Eidolon named ''Might''
On a Black Throne reigns upright

I welcome Thee
Walkers in velvet Spheres
My Passion's Daughters and Sons
Here is Thy deserved Dominion

Corpus Sanguinarius Satanicum

Hic sapientia est
qui habet intellectum
conputet numerum bestiae
numerus hominim est
et numerus eius est - Sescenti Sexaginta Sex!

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Ancient Ceremony - Litanies in blood lyrics
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