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Song Abstract - I Do This (feat. Roze) (Prod. Drum.. video
Abstract - Abstract - I Do This (feat. Roze) (Prod. Drum.. video

Abstract - I Do This (feat. Roze) (Prod. Drum.. lyrics

[Ref: RoZe]

I do this for my Father
Who've I've only seen
From time to time
In my dreams

I do this for, you
I do this for my Mother
Who's finally clean
And no longer a feen

I do this for, you
I do this for my Sister
My Wife and my Kids
Cause they part of the team

I do this for all the naysayers
And haters who made me one of the greatest
I know it kills you inside
That's why I do this for you [x2]


I do this for the kids
Who sit a bit outside the mix
Who maybe cope through humor
Just to fit in for a bit
Who never let the world know
When depressions setting in
To all of those who know you
That impression don't exist
And it ain't counterfeit
It's just a way to counter it
I'm living things I dreamed about
I still encounter it
It ain't something that a cigarette
Or alcohol can fix
But all because of it I flipped it quick
Went on to write some hits
This a success
Off another breath
This the first step in
Searching to be nothing less
Than be the best in what you do
To prove there's strength in being you
Learned so much in chasing dreams
That I never would in school
Depends on where your passion lie
Just know passion never lie
Life presents distractions
But your actions have to fortify
The things that you believe in
Have to scream it like a battle cry
And leave the ones who didn't
Lookin' stupid while they're asking why

Couldn't lie
I really do this for the ones I love
Those who treat the music as a vice
And lyrics like a drug
Those who need advice
On how to lift their spirit high enough
To break out of the box they make of lives
They know aren't good enough
Just because it's how it is
Don't mean it's how it has to be
This is what the uninspired
Testifiers fail to see
Jealousy results from being
That which others failed to be
And if it means you're not with me
That honestly sounds fair to me



Do this for my Mother
She'll be working for the summer
Do this for my Father
Cause these days I often wonder
What my life would have been like
If I was not adopted
To grow up in a home where
I was treated like a problem
I don't know it's just a guess
Your guess probably good as mine
Lucky that I grew up in a home
That wanted me to shine
Lucky that I grew up
Round some mountain
We were taught to climb
Without that inspiration
I don't think that this
Would be my life
Do this for my friends
Who've scattered all cross the country now
I'm out in Sweden walking back through life
So I can write it down
Make a living off of sound
So crazy to say out loud
I'm the biggest thing since Travis Rice
To come up out the town
Sorry gotta stunt a little
Used to have my dreams belittled
But it's all a part of it
I know people's mind are fickle
Lines between reality and dreams
I blurr like faded nights
Come up been so good for me
I wish that I could make it twice


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