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Behind Our Backs lyrics

There was a time
When I was broken, I was silent.
But those days have come and gone,
And a new life has just begun.
I'm not alone.
Salvation though the growth of a backbone.
And all this hope is so beautiful.

I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.
It twists and turns and ties a knot
In my gut that just won't come undone
As fast as you left me trembling.

All I hear is an exhale.
A shaking whisper spreading quickly to your hands.
Just hold on tight.
All I've got is a picture,
A reminder of everyday
That it just might be too late.

You find the truth in the company you call friends
Are they really?
Search deep inside.
Tell them all the lies that you hide within you,
The real you.
They'll break you down.

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