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Start The Simulator lyrics

Start the simulator
Controllers, listen up
What’s your status, Guidance?
Let’s take it from the top
Coming up on docking
The beginnings of a tear
Clearing the tower
We take the air

Start the simulator
Give your tanks a stir
The bright ejecta blanket
All is still a blur
Switch to Omni Bravo
B bus under volt
Roll right to zero
Steady as she goes

We’re going to fly so high
Into the rendered sky
We’re going to be all right
Inside the endless night

Start the simulator
I.S.O. valves are gray
EDS to manual
Translation looks okay
Save it for the splash-down
Things you want undone
You’re in command now
Your home away from home

You’re in control now
Now you’re on your own
Now you’re on your own

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